Ballatas, madrigals and dances from the time of Boccaccio (Italy, 14th century)

(Edizioni Discografiche Micrologus)

The most famous ballatas of the Fourteenth century, madrigals singing of love, saltarellos (jumping dances) and istampitas (stamping dances) both anonymous works and those ascribed to the great Florentine composers: Gherardello, Lorenzo Masi and Anonymus.


Patrizia Bovi voice, harp
Adolfo Broegg lute, psaltery
Gabriele Russo fiddle, rebec, trumpet
Goffredo Degli Esposti shawns, pipe and tabor, shawn, bagpipe, portative organ, double flute
Mauro Borgioni voice
Ulrich Pfeifer voice
Simone Sorini voice
Luigi Germini trumpet
Gabriele Miracle nakers, tambourine