The sacred & popular in 13th century Italy

Quartetto Vocale Giovanna Marini / Micrologus
(Opus 111 30-277)
Musical evocation of the medieval Italian culture, “Cantico” is the fruit of a chance meeting between the Giovanna Marini Vocal Quartet and Micrologus. Their experiences, musical talents and passion for the oral tradition nourishes them both and informs their luminous spirituality and collective spontaneity. The results is a tour of the religious music and popular traditions of Centre and Southern italian town and country life during the 13th Century.


Patrizia Bovi voice, harp
Adolfo Broegg lute
Goffredo Degli Esposti shawn, bagpipe, portative organ
Gabriele Russo fiddle, lyre, natural trumpet
Alessandro Quarta voice
Bruno Bonhure voice
Alberto Berettini voice
Gabriele Miracle bells
Luigi Germini natural trumpet
Stefano Vezzani bombard e
Giovanna Marini, Francesca Breschi, Patrizia Nasini voices


“The Best of 2000 Award” of Goldberg magazine