Ensemble Micrologus & René Zosso

(Quadrivium SCA 014)
First recording of selection of pieces from the collection of more 400 Cantigas de Santa Maria: one of most important documents of sacred poetry music from Medieval Europe. Guest and soul: René Zosso.


Patrizia Bovi vocal, harp
René Zosso vocal, hurdy-gurdy
Marco Carpiceci vocal, symphonia
Ulrich Pfeifer vocal, bells
Adolfo Broegg lute, citole, drum
Goffredo Degli Esposti pipe and tabor, launeddas, bagpipe, flute
Francis Biggi lute, lute long-neck
Maurizio Picchiò darbbukka, tambourine, drum
Gabriele Russo fiddle, rebab, saz, trumpet