1 Saltarello III 3:58
2 Gran Miragre 8:24       
3 Vite Perdite CB124 2:19
4 Vite Perdite 6:29
5 Suite Galiziana 1 3:54
6 Suite Galiziana 2 3:29       
7 La Manfredina 7:29       
8 La Rotta 2:01
9 Tempus Transit Gelidum 4:11
10 Ut Solis Radium 6:41
11 Madre de Deus 5:19       
12 Vivimus 4:26
13 Norwegiae Ligum 6:45

Kronomakia – The Battle of Time Ensemble Micrologus & Daniele Sepe und Rote Jazz Fraktion
(Il Manifesto – Cd 184)

A new reading of medieval music based on a fascination with mixing different languages and styles and given the exciting impact of jazz and rock music. A collision of Mediterranean music for a “Battle of time” between today and the past, tradition and modernity.


Patrizia Bovi voice, harp, busine
Adolfo Broegg arabic lute, busine
Goffredo Degli Esposti shawn, pipe and tabor, bagpipe, flutes
Gabriele Russo fiddle, lyre, busine
Gabriele Miracle dulcimer, percussions
Simone Sorini voice, lute, gittern
Auli Kokko voice
Franco Giacoia guitars
Piero De Asmundis keyboards
Lello Petrarca elettric bass
Lello Di Fenza drums
Daniele Sepe sax and flutes and many others