Ensemble Micrologus & Capella de Música de Santa Maria del Mar

(Discant CD-E 1008)
A new recording of the polyphonic and monodic songs dedicated to the Black Virgin of Montserrat, with the Barcellone choir, made in the Church of Montserrat. First group in the history!


Patrizia Bovi voice, harp
Adolfo Broegg lute, moorish guitar, latin guitar
Goffredo Degli Esposti pipe and tabor, shawn, flute
Gabriele Russo fiddle, rebec
Ulrich Pfeifer voice, hurdy-gurdy, bells
Alessandro Quarta voice
Gianni di Gennaro voice
Gabriele Miracle psaltery, percussions


“The best of the Month”Amadeus, march 2005 Award “Goldberg’s 5 Stars”