Profane music in the 15th century aragonese Naples court

(Opus 111 OP 30-215)
Even more than in the musical chapel of the Court of Bourgogne, during the 15th Century the Aragonese Court in Naples was the premiere musical chapel in Europe, based on the quality and number of its musicians. Cornago, Vincenet and even Josquin stayed there, while Tinctoris formulated his theoretical work. This recording emphasizes the variety of musical genres that flourished in the court (the Italian ballata and barzelletta, the Spanish cancion, and the French roundeaux and dance), and on the fertile exchanges between formal and popular music that characterized Aragonese Naples.


Patrizia Bovi voice, harp
Adolfo Broegg lute, vihuela
Goffredo Degli Esposti shawn, pipe and tabor, bagpipe, recorder
Gabriele Russo fiddle, tenor viol
Alessandro Quarta voice
Gianni di Gennaro voice
Bruno Bonhure voice
Simone Marcelli voice
Gabriele Miracle percussions
Mauro Morini slide trumpet, sackbut
Luigi Germini sackbut
Stefano Vezzani shawn, bombard


“Goldberg’s 5 Stars”